Information for Midwives

If you’re a Christian midwife and you’ve landed on this page, then here’s our challenge; consider serving on the mission field for one year. We believe it will be one of the most fruitful and exciting years of your life. And maybe, as the Lord leads you, it would transition to longer service. Pray about it, seek counsel and share your interest with us.

What exactly is CMI about?

Our purpose is twofold;

  1. To mobilize Christian midwives to serve on the mission field
  2. To network with mission organizations and ask them to prayerfully consider placing Christian midwives on their cross cultural teams

Why are midwives needed on the mission field?

First: Because your work as a midwife is so relevant, practical and hands-on you are uniquely positioned to form relationships and gain favor amongst families within a missions target group. Furthermore, your influence can naturally transition from practical concerns to spiritual input – especially amongst cultures that view secular and religious life in harmony. That influence and favor, including favor gained with a patient’s family, helps to overcome some of the barriers missionaries face in reaching their target group for Christ. For more read Midwifery: An Evangelsitic Strategy.

Second: The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed several eye-opening statistics about global maternal mortality.

  • Every day, approximately 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.
  • 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries.
  • Almost all of these deaths occurred in low-resource settings, and most could have been prevented.

In light of this information, we view active missionary midwives serving in developed countries as a viable asset in the World Chistian Movement. To see our video of how a missionary midwife can be productive in not only saving physical lives but how she can also open doors of opportunity in sharing the gospel in order to solve a greater spiritual problem, see our Missionary Midwife Video.

What are the requirements to serve as a missionary midwife with CMI?

We are looking for competent, Christian CPMs to serve on mission teams throughout the developing world. Obviously, you would need to have a desire for missions and a compassionate heart to serve the poor and unreached.

Since we would be partnering you with another missionary organization, there may be additional training they may require.

What is it like to serve as a missionary midwife?

Incredibly rewarding! Serving on the mission field as a missionary midwife is a great privilege that comes with many joys and trials. It is fueled by a passion to serve the poor and unreached by using maternal healthcare as a viable platform for mission strategy. To read stories from other missionary midwives click here.

What makes a successful missionary midwife?

Missionary midwives come in all different types – including differing personalities and backgrounds. However, we have identified several qualities you will need in order to be successful.

  • A desire to make a difference – There is a special calling God places on a Christian midwife to serve. Consider using your skills to serve impoverished women on the mission field.
  • An active, personal relationship with God – While missionary life can be lonely at times, it is this relationship that will give you the strength to serve the “least of these”.
  • Self-initiator – Nobody is going to force you to proactively share your faith. This will come from a desire from within to live out the Great Commission.
  • Flexible – The mission field in general requires great flexibility on your part as you adjust to differing cultures, languages, and lifestyles.
  • Submission to authority – As you partner with other organizations, it is Biblically clear that you should come under the spiritual authority of those who oversee you. We would encourage you to partner with organizations and other missionaries whom you can trust.

Where can I serve?

We desire to partner Christian midwives with missionary organizations and missionaries that are actively serving on the mission field. This means there are many options. If you are a midwife and desire to be placed in a specific country or serve a specific people group, we will begin searching for options available in that area.

If you are simply just wanting to serve where there is current need, you can see our Current Opportunities available.

What are the time commitments for serving as a missionary midwife?

This will vary depending on the organization and the role they desire you to fulfill. Six months is the least amount of time to offer a commitment. We believe that by serving for an extended period of time, it will give you more credibility, opportunity, and ability to minister effectively.

Do I need additional training if I am already a CPM?

Not necessarily. Cross cultural training and experience is beneficial, however, this will be decided by your sending organization and/or missionary partnership. If you would like additional midwifery cross-cultural experience you can apply for our internship training program.

How do I begin the process?

You can begin simply by filling out the Connect Form on our website. After that, we will contact you and begin the process of partnering you with a missionary / mission organization.

How will I be funded?

You will be required to raise your own support. We are happy to give you suggestions on where to start in this process.

For additional questions or to connect with CMI for potential opportunities, see the Connect page.