Midwife: An Unlikely Soldier

Midwives are usually known for their compassion and care of the most vulnerable: childbearing women and unborn or newly born babies. Midwives would not be my first choice as soldiers called to enter a particularly fierce battle; but, when that battle involves defending these mothers and babies, midwives may have just the right mix of tenderness and ferocity, along with a healthy dose of stamina. And, isn’t it like God to use the least likely candidate – kind of reminds me of a baby in a manger.

The battle over the lives of women and children is a particularly important battle, but I don’t believe that this battle is only about their physical lives. I believe that their spiritual lives are why God is calling in reinforcements. Christian midwife – I am speaking to you. Come to the battle. Bring your compassion. Bring your skills. But most importantly bring your faith. Families need you. They need you to help improve their odds. Mothers need to live through pregnancy and childbirth. Babies need to live past the age of five. Families need you to bring the Good News of life eternal.

I don’t have to tell you, Christian midwife, about the trust and love that develops between a woman and her midwife. They are a team. And, if done well, that team includes the father and often siblings and even grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors. The relationship is sacred, and in the context of this battle that I mentioned earlier, it means that midwives have a treasured opportunity to touch a physical life but more importantly speak into the spiritual lives of these families. The trust offered to a midwife is of great value, and this trust is exactly why God is calling midwives to become soldiers.

The battle is fierce. The battle is now. Is God calling you? Missions teams around the world need midwives. Contact us now for more information about what this calling could look like for you.

*Married and/or single midwives are welcome in both short-term and long-term commitments. Training is available if needed.