Our Purpose

Christian Midwife Initiative (CMI) is a non-denominational evangelical Christian organization that seeks to be a catalyst to mobilize Christian midwives to serve on the mission field.

For almost 20 years we have personally witnessed how a team comprised of missionaries and midwives working together can provide a platform to relationally share the Gospel at the grassroots level.

Initiative is an important word in our organization’s name because we seek to lead an initiative to place Christian midwives by means of their faith, their skills and their readiness to serve in partnership with cross cultural mission teams.

We seek to highlight the ability of Christian midwives to relationally transcend barriers to the Gospel message and to position them within the forefront of mission strategy by intentionally integrating them into cross-cultural mission teams.

We believe it’s time to proactively and purposefully integrate Christian midwives at a level of participation beyond the roles they have faithfully served, oftentimes independently, in various pockets around the world during the past several decades.

We desire to partner with field missionaries and to serve alongside like-minded mission organizations and agencies in order to help them become more effective in reaching the target groups they have identified.

We understand there is a tremendous potential in strategically connecting the respective roles of midwives and missionaries worldwide.

While the World Health Organization lists maternal mortality as one of the world’s greatest problems, we believe that a world without Christ is the greatest of all problems. By combining the practical and spiritual benefits a midwife offers, a missionary can increase their effectiveness in relationship building, evangelism, and discipleship. We understand that strategically connecting the respective roles of midwives and missionaries worldwide may sound like a new idea, but we believe it is part of God’s vision for reaching the world in these last days.

CMI operates under the covering of Newlife International Development Partnership, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.