From Missionary Midwives to the Philippines

Lincey Knox with baby “When you are living a life completely sold out to what God has in store for you…Expect the Unimaginable! Unimaginable for me 3 years ago was moving to the other side of the world to learn and study and serve as a midwife in the Philippines. Unimaginable was the stark reality of poverty, suffering, and death that millions of women face during childbirth. Unimaginable was God’s direction for me to serve and love these women. Access to skilled care during childbirth should not be unimaginable for these millions of women worldwide: Midwives are needed.” – Lincey, LM, CPM

Jenn Germain with baby “Being a midwife on the mission field will forever change your perspective on women, birth and babies. Your heart can never be the same.” – Jennifer, LM, CPM

Kendra with mother “Looking into the eyes of a woman who is searching~searching for hope, for strength, for love, there is nothing you can do but show her Who your Hope, Strength and Ultimate Source of Love really is. Midwifery gives us the opportunity to participate in the mission of God by demonstrating that love in practical ways while speaking truth into the lives of women all over the world.” – Kendra, LM, CPM

Midwife checking a baby's heart “As a missionary midwife, I have witnessed firsthand the powerful tool that midwifery can be in communicating the Gospel to the lost in impoverished communities around the world. Midwifery provides a door for evangelism that might otherwise be closed, draws people who might otherwise be resistant to your presence, establishes trust and provides a relationship through which the love of Christ can be communicated in a tangible way.” – Abigail, LM, CPM

Kelly Zell with mother and baby “God stole my heart away with a little glimpse into His great passion for life through midwifery. Amazing!” – Kelly, LM, CPM

“As the world awakens to the plight of mothers and children, it is exciting to see more and more doors opening for midwives to respond to the need for quality maternal-child care. Not only are they addressing cries for evidenced-based care, but they are ultimately responding to the Great Commission. By meeting women at their most vulnerable and receptive moments of their lives, midwives are able to have a lasting impact in local communities for generations to come. Entire villages and ethnic groups can be transformed with the placement of a trained, qualified midwife and the life-changing power of Christ. It is exciting to be a part of this movement and see these transformations taking place on a daily basis – I truly believe there is no greater reward.” – Pami Ellis, RN BSN PHN Shalom Christian Birthing Home Action International Ministries