Opportunity in South Sudan

A large health program for SIM (Serving in Mission) in Doro, Upper Nile State, South Sudan needs midwives. We are looking for some long-term missionary midwives to work in the maternity clinic. Our current missionary midwife is leaving to get married and our Kenyan midwifery paid staff is limited due to lack of program finances. ... Read More

Tabuk, Philippines

After completing my practical midwifery training in the Philippines, I decided to move here and continue working as a midwife. I wrote my board exam in 2005, got my CPM credential and moved permanently to the Province of Kalinga in the northern Philippines in 2006. Because of my love for the people in this area as well as the obvious need for maternity care for the tribal ... Read More

From Missionary Midwives to the Philippines

“When you are living a life completely sold out to what God has in store for you…Expect the Unimaginable! Unimaginable for me 3 years ago was moving to the other side of the world to learn and study and serve as a midwife in the Philippines. Unimaginable was the stark reality of poverty, suffering, and death that millions of women face during childbirth. ... Read More