Midwife Opportunity in Mozambique

Stephanie Williams with an African family

Looking for a Christian missionary midwife (nurse-midwife/CPM) to join a small team at a charity medical clinic in central Mozambique. Minimum of 6 month commitment. Must raise own support. Opportunities in medical as well as midwifery care, outreach, evangelism, and administration. Must be willing to learn Portuguese/Chitetwe.

*If you would like to partner with Stephanie in Mozambique, contact us on the Connect page to get started.

For Stephanie’s Story, see below:

Stephanie Williams with mother and baby Part One:

My time in South Sudan as a missionary midwife was life changing –soul changing. The needs were overwhelming and the help all but non-existent. I remember thinking that I must have been crazy to come to such a remote location to serve. What could I have been thinking!

And yet with time, as I watched babies live and mothers survive, all I could think was how could I stay away? How could such desperation not be comforted? How could such pain not be soothed?

Yes, there are needs that these two hands will never be able to accomplish. Yes, there are burdens too heavy for these shoulders to carry.

Yes. It is all so overwhelming. But who will go… if not you?

Rest assured, if He created you for this kind of work, you will be satisfied with nothing less.

Stephanie Williams attending to young child Part Two:

Serving as a missionary midwife in Africa is not easy, but it comes with perks –community for one. I remember afternoon walks in my rural village and coming across women who had trusted me with their births. These woman, carrying brightly wrapped bundles on their backs, would call to me loudly from a distance then come to slap hands in greeting.


And almost as if on cue, they’d effortlessly swing their bundles forward, unwrap them, and present me with wide-eyed babes.

— “This is YOUR baby,” they’d laugh, handing their prized possession over with confidence.

— “MY baby? Really!” I’d laugh back, “Oh, how she’s grown!”

It was no small thing for me –unmarried and childless as I am– to feel a deep sense of joy of sharing such a blessing. To think… only in Africa could I have so many children. Only in Africa could I be included in something so beautiful.


– A definite perk.

Stephanie Williams in from of a building in Africa Part Three:

Being a missionary in Africa comes with some serious inconveniences. Mosquitos. Loneliness. Malaria. Heat. Power outages. Bouncy roads. Intestinal bugs. Scorpions. Oh… and did I mention the cold showers? (Assuming you get one at all!)

But being a midwife in Africa comes with other issues — issues your missions pastor will never, ever, mention. Why? Because the depths of them are unfathomable until you actually get here.

Death. Heartbreak. Pain. Stress. AIDS. Fear. Chaos.

But out of such ashes, God brings great beauty. In the midst of such death, you will find a deeper truth of life. In the midst of heartbreak, your shattered heart will not crumble but expand, making room for even more love and compassion. In the midst of such soul-piercing pain, you will see those who suffer with new eyes… His eyes.

A group under a cross Yes, in the midst of all this… you will become more. Hopefully, more like Him.

Yes, you will see many suffer. And yes, you will be surrounded by fear, chaos, and disease like never before. But there… there in the midst, you will see God moving. On the front lines, you will have the experiential joy of watching Our Master move.

… and hopefully, learning to move with Him.